Декларацията на членовете на „Революционна борба“ прочетена от Пола Рупа в първия ден на процеса срещу тях, 5 октомври 2011г.

В клипа има субтитри, ето и текста на английски, ще го преведем и на български:

It has been historically recorded (has also been worded in mass media) that the attack of the State against Revolutionary Struggle and our arrests are connected with the imposition on the Greek society of the junta of the troika and PASOK government, and have been associated with the first memorandum agreement for the country’s vassalage to transnational economic and political elites, signed by the social-fascists of the government in the manner of a military coup.

Ever since, the country has entered a dark period of unprecedented savagery, from the Capital and the political power that attempts to loot inexorably the social wealth and exploit fiercely the human labour of the non-privileged. In the midst of the greatest systemic crisis that today has blown apart capitalism and the market economy, has eroded the political and social structures of representative democracy, and has undermined irreparably its social foundations, the survival of the economic and political system presupposes the euthanasia of large parts of the population.

This is commonly experienced by most people, and as we have mentioned it in our political letter to society by which we took political responsibility for our participation in Revolutionary Struggle, it concerns an occupation that competes in violence with the occupation by the Nazis during World War II, a fact that constitutes a common consciousness in this country.

Today, one and a half years later, the trial against Revolutionary Struggle will be historically associated with the official failure of the Greek state. The internal suspension of payments is already a fact. The process of failure is underway and will soon be total and according to our view – a view that is stated in previous text – it will be uncontrollable in the end.

The action of Revolutionary Struggle, a revolutionary action with strictly political characteristics and deep social and class criteria, today largely reflects a political tendency that diffuses further into society every day: that of the immediate and urgent need to organize an attack, even armed, against economic and political power.

Today, the need for an armed proletarian counterattack against the rotten system is not expressed solely in the texts of Revolutionary Struggle; it is to be found in the thoughts and the lips of an ever-increasing number of people, as it is increasingly recognized as the only way to get rid of from us the contemporary dictatorship of the State and Capital, to exit definitively the systemic crisis, to prevent the erasure of the humanity and the planet from the crude exploitation of the transnational elite.

For us, this trial consists of one more moment in our struggle, as was also the period of our captivity in the cells of the regime. We never stop fighting against contemporary totalitarianism, against the capitalist system and against representative democracy. We never stop to send forth a cry, even from within the cells, for the necessity of Social Revolution.

In this trial it is not Revolutionary Struggle that will be judged. It is the system and its puppets.
The action of our organization and its associated actions will be revealed as a necessity in stopping the attack that the regime has launched against the non-privileged layers of society; a necessity to propel the social revolution forward.

In this trial it is not Revolutionary Struggle that will be judged as a terrorist organization.
It is the socialist-fascist government of PASOK and the political power for organizing and realizing the most brutal terror attack against society.

It is the economic elite, the most violent terrorist gang, which sucks people’s blood and grows rich by undertaking massive and systematic assassinations of the less privileged social layers that will be judged.
It is the regime and its henchmen that will be judged.
It is all those who constitute the servants of global capital that will be judged.
It is the economic and political system that will be judged, as responsible for the greatest crimes ever committed in human history.

One and a half years later, we are here, strong, unrepentant and proud of the organization and the political choices of struggle that we have made.

Revolutionary Struggle is alive and forms an integral part, not only of the Greek, but also the international pan-European revolutionary movement.

They failed to bend us; they will never succeed to break us.
In the end, the winners will be us.

Honour forever to comrade Lambros Fountas,
member of Revolutionary Struggle

Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas

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