„Анонимните“ свалиха гръцки правителствени сайтове заради визитата на Меркел

Международната хакерска група „Анонимните“ свали сайтовете на няколко гръцки министерства, заради посещението на германския канцлер Ангела Меркел в Атина.

Текста на посланието им на английски:

Greetings Government of Greece, we are Anonymous.

We are watching events in Greece and we are really overwhelmed.
4 thousand suicides, 2 million unemployed, 5 hundred thousand homeless, hospitals without the necessary materials, salaries and pensions at risk of hunger and we can go one.

And the only thing to you do is indifference. Challenging your people by inviting Merkel, right now it in collaboration with your Greeks arrived on the verge of destitution. You should be ashamed! Threaten your people with security measures only fit keeper status.

8 thousand policemen, stainless steel fences, frogmen sewers, all security forces on alert and curfew on the capital’s streets … Where differ you exactly from a Junta! The people protested and apparently you fear your own people.

We, as Anonymous are next to the Greeks claiming their freedom. We are next to a people who have fought against the German occupying forces.
We already provide dial up lines because we know that your fear will try to silence the Greeks. This will not be tolerated.

While you will get your mind to do the sake of your friends bankers, we will be alongside Greeks protesting for there democratic right to live free and without poverty. The eye of Anonymous now focus on Greece. Citizens of Greece, Anonymous now fighting with you.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.


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